We offers various IP-PBX, IP-Phones and accessories made in Germany and made in China.

IP-Phones "Made in Germany"

tiptel 31xx series
tiptel 31xx

Series of high quality IP phones


Made in Germany

IP PBX "Made in China"

Yeastar S-Serie
Yeastar S-Series

Powerful PBX series for 20 to 300 extensions. Complete license free.

Made in China

Reasonably priced IP phones

tiptel Htek UC926
tiptel Htek UC9xx

tiptel Htek UC900-Series, a series of innovative high featured IP phones is available now.

Made in China

All-IP PBX "Made in Germany"

tiptel 8010 All-IP Appliance
tiptel 8000 Series

100 % VoIP, 100 % Compatibilty, 100 % Next-Generation-Network
High quality PBX for 50 to 100 extensions.

Made in Germany